Additional websites of interest

Patient Support

Anal Cancer -  A Bum Rap - a support group in Ottawa, with a very useful website; there is also an iPad version.

Anus As Funny As You Think - a website/blog by an anal cancer patient

Cancer Care  - Free professional support services for cancer patients.

Cancer Hope Network  - Support from trained volunteers who have undergone treatment themselves, for patients and their families.

Cancer Legal Resource Center - a support for those who have job issues, for example, connected to their cancer and/or treatment.

Cleaning for a Reason  - Free, professional housecleaning available in many places in the U.S. through this site, for women undergoing treatment for any cancer.

Corporate Angel Network   - Finds free transportation on corporate planes for cancer patients who need medical treatment away from home.

Friend for Life Cancer Support Network  - Support for adults recently diagnosed by matching with a survivor of a similar cancer

Living with Cancer - a blog on the New York Times

Patient Advocate Foundation - Assisting patients with financial issues related to cancer care. 

Paying for Cancer Treatment - How to deal with the money side of the cancer battle


Foundation for Cancer Survivors  

American Cancer Society Cancer Survivors Network

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

National Cancer Institute Survivorship Research

Association of Community Cancer Centers – Information and advocacy related to cancer survivorship.

Cancer Forward - A network for cancer survivors, including an online community.

Voices of Survivors -  Written stories and videos by survivors


The National Library of Medicine

International HPV Conference – Scientific abstracts can be viewed from this site. 

American Society of Clinical Oncology

Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy

Research on carrageenan’s anti-HPV properties

Chris Buck  – The principal carrageenan researcher

National Institutes of Health article on carrageenan

For a fascinating look at a possible future of individualized treatment for cancer, see the story of Nobel Laureate Ralph Steinman, who used his own pancreatic tumor in his research.  Clinical trials are underway for new DNA-altering drugs that would attack cancer regardless of type, a new approach.

For a look at research on current and future treatment strategies, see this.

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